QMyVoice is an innovative and user-friendly app specifically designed to support individuals with speech, hearing and communication difficulties, by enhancing their experiences during phone calls and transactions.


WHY QMyVoice?

The QMyVoice app is designed to empower people living with these various disabilities. This amazing innovation is here to help them regain their independence and confidence whilst interacting with others.

QMyVoice offers a powerful set of features that allows users to set up custom voice messages and play them automatically – ensuring that every call or interaction starts with understanding and empathy.

No more stress around stuttering or struggling to find words, as this brilliant app steps in to lend a helping hand. Give it a go, and watch it revolutionise the way you interact with friends and loved ones.


Customisable Voice Messages
QMyVoice encourages users to record personalized voice messages that inform callers and service providers of their speech difficulties. This unique feature allows individuals to request patience and understanding from the very beginning of a conversation. Whether they are speaking with friends, family, or customer service agents, these customized messages can be tailored to suit the user’s needs and preferences, ensuring that their communication challenges are acknowledged and accommodated.

Auto Play
At the heart of QMyVoice is the intuitive Auto Play feature designed to minimize users’ anxiety when engaging in phone calls or in-person interactions, for example when the user needs assistance in the shops. Once a prerecorded message is created, the Auto Play technology automatically plays this message whenever a call is made outbound, incoming or the app is activated. This seamless functionality ensures that there are no awkward moments when trying to communicate about a speech difficulty – instead, the conversation can flow as smoothly as possible.



Chosen Contacts
The QMyVoice app allows users to choose contacts who will receive the voice message. This ensures that close friends, family members or colleagues will be aware of the user’s communication needs and can provide a smooth and comfortable conversation experience. This feature helps to establish a more natural communication flow with people, eliminating misunderstandings or awkward conversations.

Simple Interface
One of the key features of the QMyVoice app is it’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface. With clear instructions and accessible features, users of all levels of technological expertise can comfortably navigate and utilize the app. The focus is on providing a seamless and stress-free experience for the user, ensuring that they can effectively engage in phone calls without feeling hindered by complex technology.

Secure and Private
The QMyVoice app values user privacy and ensures that contacts and other personal information are securely stored and protected.

Quick Setup
Setting up the QMyVoice app is quick and easy. Simply download the app, add your contacts, create your voice message and start experiencing better communication right away.


Gain control over your life and enjoy better communication with others by downloading the life-changing QMyVoice app today.

By using QMyVoice, you will be taking a critical step towards self-sufficiency and asserting control over your interactions, whether it’s with new people or in unfamiliar situations. Don’t let frustration and misunderstandings define your conversations, QMyVoice is here to support you.

With our app, you won’t need assistance to carry out transactions or participate in conversations anymore, and you’ll experience a newfound sense of self-assuredness that comes from true independence.

Join the countless individuals who have already experienced the power of QMyVoice in transforming their lives and empowered themselves with better communication. Imagine a world where you don’t have to constantly repeat yourself, where people understand you clearly the first time, and where you can navigate through social situations with ease and confidence.

Don’t hesitate any longer – your path to better communication and self-sufficiency starts now! Download the QMyVoice app today and take control of your life!


QMyVoice app is designed to work with all major smartphone operating systems, ensuring that users with different devices can still enjoy the benefits of this app.


QMyVoice Basic

Enjoy all the core features of QMyVoice for $59.99 per month. This includes 20 hours of calls per month, a limited number of customisable voice messages and standard updates.

QMyVoice Premium

Unlock the full potential of QMyVoice with our Premium subscription at $64.99 per month. Enjoy 20 hours of calls per month, unlimited customisable voice messages, priority support, and regular feature updates.



Don’t let speech or communication difficulties stand in your way any longer! Download the QMyVoice app today and experience the freedom and ease of customized voice messages, auto play technology, and smooth conversations with chosen contacts. Navigate the simple interface and enjoy secure, private communication, all with a quick and easy setup. Take control of your communication journey and connect with confidence – download QMyVoice now and start breaking down barriers with every call!


"Sylvi the creator of this app is a disability support worker and I’ve watched her develop this app over a number of months with genuine excitement for the lives of those people she is helping with this app. My diagnosis is Ankylosing Spondylitis and I struggle with high pain levels daily which leave me with brain fog. I often stop mid conversation when trying to think of words as I struggle to find words I’m thinking of or suddenly have a blank on what I was thinking of. I can’t wait to use this app and the difference it will make for me with people being understanding and allowing time if I’m overwhelmed or finding comprehending and speaking difficult."

Bec T, Sunshine Coast

"I've been a support worker for several years now. When Sylvi told me about her new app 'QMyVoice' I knew straight away this will be so beneficial for some of my disabled clients! I wish her all the success, knowing she will be making a great difference in giving people with disabilities some more independence."

Shelly, 55, Sunshine Coast

"I think that the app QMyVoice would be great because I definitely have a problem talking to people on the phone and this could explain it easier right from the start. Then I don't have to explain it again and again the app explains it for me."

Zinta, 45, Sunshine Coast

"I am so impressed with your achievement and consideration for the people in this space that need assistance with their communication needs. I am looking forward to promoting it to those in my sphere. Whilst I haven't seen it in operation yet I can't guarantee outcomes, I am only able to express my anticipation for a product that aims to support communication."

Lisa, Speech Pathologist, Queensland

"QMyVoice has made a massive difference in my life. I no longer dread making phone calls or shopping alone, knowing that the app will help ensure I'm understood. It's given me back my independence."

Margaret, 72, Sydney

"My father struggled with his speech after his stroke, and the QMyVoice app has been a game-changer for us. He feels more confident in communicating with others, and we've even noticed an improvement in his speech because he's practising more!"

Claire, 48, Melbourne

"As a person with a speech impediment, I greatly appreciate the QMyVoice app. It has made my day-to-day interactions so much easier and less stressful. I recommend it to anyone with speech difficulties."

James, 32, Brisbane

"QMyVoice has made a massive difference in my life. I no longer dread making phone calls or shopping alone, knowing that the app will help ensure I'm understood. It's given me back my independence."

Margaret, 72, Sydney

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